Here are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

How long have you been a DJ?

The owner DJ Jason Lee has nearly 20 years experience in the DJ industry. The other DJs of Absolute Best have 5-15 years of experience themselves with various music backgrounds currently working in clubs, on the radio and festivals.

Does quality differ between the owner DJ Jason Lee and the other DJs available?

Our DJs are not hired by application but asked to join our expert team of DJ entertainers. They are chosen because of their outgoing personality, demonstrated reliability, musical knowledge and DJ skills. No matter who you get when booking your event or wedding you are sure to have a highly qualified DJ at your service who will guarantee a great time!

Can I choose which DJ I get?

As long as the requested DJ is available for your date you absolutely can request a specific DJ for your wedding or event. Unless specifically requested your DJ is assigned at booking and will be in touch with you throughout the planning process leading up to your wedding to help and go over any information.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Absolute Best DJ Service uses only the top model equipment from the most respected brands. Our speakers are JBL PRX715 which provide a clean sound at any volume with plenty of power for events large and small. Our DJs use either the Pioneer DDJ-SX, their flagship digital controller, or the Denon DN-HC5000, another top of the line digital controller used when floorspace is in high demand. We use a combination of high powered LED lighting fixtures from Chauvet and American DJ.

Once I have decided on my services needed, how do I book my date?

After viewing pricing and package options on the Events or Weddings page simply call or email to request your contract. Once your contract is sent your date is held for a period of 7 days. Simply return your contract via mail or email with your 50% deposit to secure your date. Upon receiving your contract and deposit you will be emailed a confirmation that your date is booked with login information to access your personal online event planners.

How far will you travel? Is there a travel fee?

We operate out of Wilmington, NC and will travel to any destination required depending on availability. Travel fee is $1.00 per mile over 40 miles of driving distance or any other fees related to travel by boat or plane. Events requiring overnight stay require accommodations be provided as well.

What if something goes wrong? Do you have a backup plan?

In the unlikely event of an equipment malfunction, you DJ will have essential equipment back ups available to continue your event uninterrupted. In the event of a personal emergency with your assigned DJ then one of our on-call DJ staff will be available to step in with all the info needed to provide a top quality experience without a hitch.

Can we provide a playlist? Will our DJ take requests?

You may provide a full playlist or give us an idea of your interests for us to create a customized playlist for you. Unless otherwise requested we do take guests request at our discretion to ensure they are appropriate and go with the flow of the evening.

Do I tip the DJ?

Gratuity is not included in your contract but it is customary to tip your DJ 10-20% depending on how satisfied you were with his service.